Which Refined presets work best with matching Fuji 400 film?

Refined Co presets are designed by leading industry professionals each with more than a decade of experience shooting film and digital photography as wedding, portrait, lifestyle, stock, commercial and editorial photographers. 

As seasoned professionals, we are well aware that film has a plethora of variants (film stock, lab, scanner, scan tech, rating as shot, etc), and not one preset is capable of matching all Portra 400 images, or all Fuji 400 images, etc. However, we have created several collections with very versatile presets included to make matching your film scans easier. Each collection has several presets included based on scans and digital preferences by each photographer. Choose the collection that best fits your work or the work you are hoping to achieve. If you are still not sure which collection is right for your film matching needs. Send us a couple of film scans and the corresponding digital files and we will do an edit video showing you which collection best fits your film matching needs. Generally, a little tweak in white balance and contrast will get you a very close match. 

A little about each collection and the film stocks that work best with it. 

Refined I was based on years of Fuji 400 film shot in natural light and scanned very clean and natural. Refined I also works well with Portra 160 with one of our added depth presets included. 

REFINED x Caroline Tran

Patina preset does wonderfully with most Portra scans. It has bluer richer greens, a little more depth and contrast, and a nice warmth to the skin.
Pure lends to Fuji 400 as it is a cleaner preset with less color shift. 
Serene works well to match Portra or Fuji scans that are more monotone and cooler in scanning. 


This collection is built off of years of KT Merry's Fuji 400H Film work. We include 14 color presets for daytime and reception/low light photography to mimic Fuji 400H film