LIGHTROOM | Presets are Missing

You've installed your presets but they are not showing up in your Lightroom Preset panel. 

To fix this problem:

1) Check that you have an image loaded into Lightroom. If there is no image, the presets will not show in the left-hand panel. 

2) Open Lightroom

  • While in Develop mode click on Lightroom in the upper left-hand menu
  • Select Preferences
  • A window will pop up
  • Make sure the Preset tab is selected
  • Check the box that says SHOW PARTIALLY COMPATIBLE  DEVELOP PRESETS Your presets should show up. 

3| If you are selected on a jpg file the presets will be italicized or grey because the jpg file is a compressed file and already includes a camera profile. The presets are built with a camera profile built-in. When editing a jpg it does not add a camera profile to avoid doubling up. The preset will still work properly.

4| Check that your preset collection is selected. When in Develop Mode, navigate to the preset panel. Click on the + sign.

Then click on Manage Presets

Then check the preset(s) that you want showing in your Lightroom Develop Preset Panel.